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About us

The past

The Renati Group was established in 2014 with the intention of making a difference in the petroleum industry by introducing a more personal and technology-driven way of doing business through a range of unique product offerings.

The three companies launched at the inception of the Renati Group were:

TruckFuelNet: Specialising in providing a complete on-road refuelling solution driven by technology, giving customers the ability to not only refuel at discounted prices but also manage their fuel expenditure on a real-time basis through a comprehensive management system.

Nito Energy: Focusing on the wholesale fuel trade, Nito has proven itself in the market as a trustworthy and competitive independent fuel wholesaler.

Code Collective: Established as the in-house software development firm responsible for developing and supporting all software requirements for TruckFuelNet, the company has expanded into developing software for a variety of industries. 

Within five years the three original companies have grown to become leaders and major players in their respective fields.

The present

Since 2014, the Renati Group has expanded, adding another company, Bauzer, to the Group. Bauzer was established with a vision to change the way fuel is traded in the South African market. Using knowledge gained over many years and applying a new way of thinking, Bauzer’s goal is to become the preferred marketplace for buying and selling wholesale fuel in South Africa, through its modern, advanced and fully-integrated fuel trading platform.

Within five years the three original companies have grown to become leaders and major players in their respective fields.

With its 120 depots, TruckFuelNet is South Africa’s largest independent commercial on-road refuelling network, servicing customers across Southern Africa in excess of 16 million litres per month. The company processes over 50,000 customer transactions per month through its closed-loop transaction processing system! With its new fleetcard, TruckFuelNet is again leading the market. This innovative solution replaces a physical card with smartphone technology to allow transporters to manage their on-road fuel expenses, for absolute, real-time control over spending and administration of driver on-road expenses.    

With its loyal customer base, Nito has been able to maintain its wholesale volumes of over six million litres per month.

Over and above its work for the Renati Group, Code Collective has developed successful software solutions in the Medical, FMCG and Residential Estate sectors. 

With a combined annual volume of over 300 million litres, the Renati Group has established itself as one of the top three independent companies in the petroleum industry in South Africa.

The future

As a group Renati believes in being innovative and proactive in the way it conducts its business.

As such our vision is to modernise and change the way suppliers sell and trade fuel and and how buyers buy fuel.

Through ground-breaking use of technology, media platforms and online trading platforms, Renati’s vision is to successfully create a trading environment where both suppliers and buyers can trade, based on a market-driven ‘willing buyer, willing seller’ principle.

The group’s growth (with an average 25% p.a. organic growth over the past eight years) is testimony to the fact that our approach, strategies and focus are successful and well-received by the market.

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