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At the Renati Group, we believe a company can only be as strong and successful as its employees. Through their commitment and dedication, business excellence is maintained and company growth can be achieved.

Since inception, group policy has been that all employees, regardless of job title or position, share in the monthly profits of their respective company. The Zivuse Trust was established to provide employees of the Renati Group and its subsidiaries with an investment vehicle to further share in the Group’s income and capital growth. It is the Trust’s mandate to ensure all employees make adequate provision for retirement and have the means to provide an education to their children.

Management is confident that the Zivuse Trust will play an integral role in the future growth of the Renati Group and provide great, long-term financial benefits and security for Renati Group employees.

Zivuse Trust

Beneficiaries of the Trust

  • Historically disadvantaged black South African employees of the Renati Group of companies, who hold a 51% fixed capital interest in the Trust.
  • All other employees of the Renati Group of companies.


  • Johan van Rensburg
  • Angelo Jospeha
  • Moses Makgoba
  • Alta Nel

Investments of the Trust

As of 1 June 2015, the Trust investment interest is 51% equity participation in Renati Exchange Pty Ltd.


The Board of Trustees manage the Trust, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Trust Deed and South African legislation and laws. The Board of Trustees is comprised of representatives of each beneficiary group, with the chairman alternating on an annual basis.

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